Poll: How much storage is enough for a system drive?

In the PC storage world, 2011 looks primed to be the year of the SSD. Drives continue to get cheaper, the latest models look poised to actually take advantage of 6Gbps Serial ATA connectivity, and a whole bunch of 'em are due to trickle out over the coming months. If you've already got a nice system with a fast CPU and graphics card, upgrading to a solid-state system drive is the next logical step.

Even before weighing the pros and cons associated with different drive makers and underlying controllers, prospective SSD buyers need to determine how much capacity they need in a system drive. There's the OS, of course, plus commonly used applications and games. It all adds up, but to what? How much capacity would you need in a system drive? (Thanks to TR reader DeadOfKnight for the suggestion.)

Last week, we asked whether Apple, Google, or Microsoft is the most evil tech company. Based on the comments, it looks like folks have some pretty strong opinions about this one. Unsurprisingly, Apple was deemed the most evil with 68% of the vote. Microsoft garnered 17%, while 15% named Google as the worst.

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