After reading my P4 vs. Athlon comparo, in a message with the subject "Athalon vs. PIV," Dorian Mattar writes:
Why didn't you include a comparable system from Apple? and Why did you make a smart remark about them?

I don't think any of this systems can stack up to a dual 533 unless you're running games.

It is mostly irrelevant to discuss speed if you don't include all the players.

Until you include a comparable system from Apple, like a G4 DP 533 into the equation, might as well not run the test at all!

You stick to your HORRENDOUS PIV OR Athlon, and I'll stick to my GORGEOUS dual 533, OSX and a PlayStation II.

Happy trails...

I don't know where to start. Perhaps with the fact I didn't make any smart remarks about Apple? Or the fact it's "Pentium 4" and "Playstation 2," so let's dispense with the Roman numeral fetish?


Then there's this from MacOS Rumors:

With Intel planning to stick to single processors that will continue to slide in the performance per MHz arena, Apple's machines that will be limited only by how much data their motherboards can push through should have very little competition indeed -- if present Macs toast Pentiums, future models with any number of G4s (by then in the 1-1.2GHz range with relatively miniscule backslide in per-clock performance -- and happily running in configurations of dozens of CPUs, virtually an unlimited number) will simply obliterate them.
I swear, folks, I don't go looking for this stuff; it finds me. These guys have so many things so wrong, it's somehow connected to an existential Wrongness. It would be evil, only it's too comic.

So I suppose the best way to shut these folks up is to get our hands on a G4 system and put it up against our P4 and Athlon boxen. This will be kind of like throwing an enourmously fat, pink, prepubescent boy into a cage with a pair of wolves, but what the heck. The fat kid's asking for it.

Anybody know where I can get ahold of a G4 733 system for a week or two?

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