Llano CPU specifications begin to emerge

Details about AMD's upcoming Llano accelerated processing units are still trickling out. This time, the guys at X-bit labs have gotten hold of a list of chips with some key specifications. The list covers offerings due out in the third quarter, when Llano will debut, and others scheduled for a fourth-quarter release.

If there's any truth to this, we'll see six Llano APUs emerge next quarter. There will be two quad-core models with A8-3xxx model numbers, two A6-3xxx quads, and a pair of A4-3xxx duallies. As far as I can tell, the only notable difference between the "A8" and "A6" chips will be their integrated graphics—Radeon HD 6550 with 400 stream processors for the former and Radeon HD 6530 with 320 SPs for the latter.

Other key specs worth pointing out: cache sizes will range from 1MB to 4MB, all but the slowest dual-core offering will support DDR3-1866 RAM, and thermal envelopes will be either 65W or 100W. Some of the quad-core parts will apparently have 65W TDPs, as will all of the dual-core models.

Since X-bit labs didn't get hold of CPU clock speeds, it's hard to get an idea of how the first batch of Llano chips might fare against their Sandy Bridge opponents. Based on a slide that leaked out earlier this week, though, AMD might only have plans to put this product line up against the Core i3-2100 series, which currently tops out at $149.99.

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