St. Patrick's Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Donanim Haber shares rumor: AMD's Bulldozer to be released on June 11th (in Turkish)
  2. DigiTimes: PC supply chains still has up to 3 months of inventory, says Acer Taiwan president
  3. Ars Technica reports Obama administration endorses new privacy regs, Do Not Track
  4. Bloomberg: Apple tumbles most since June after downgraded tied to Foxconn sales growth
  5. Linux 2.6.38
  6. Ars Technica reports Google's WebM filter preview gives IE9 WebM compatibility
  7. bit-tech bids farewell to DirectX?
  8. Joystiq: Battlefield 3 trailer sneaks across rooftops, avoids giant bullets

St. Patrick's Day

  1. Bloomberg reports Groupon is said to discuss IPO valuation of up to $25 billion
  2. C|Net reports Microsoft, the do-gooder, makes the ethics grade
    and acquisition to improve YouTube image quality
  3. CCIA: Copyright wiretaps are Hollywood's "Patriot Act" and Australian ISPs
    don't want to be Big Content's "judges, juries, and executioners" - Ars Technica
  4. SSRC on media piracy in emerging economies
  5. Twitter Blog on making Twitter more secure: HTTPS
  6. 'Cracking the Code' wins Intel Science Talent Search for math whiz
Hardware news

  1. DigiTimes Insight: PC component supply unaffected
    by quake
    , but automotive electronics may take hit
  2. SuperSite for Windows: Intel touts micro server architecture, gets important first customer
  3. Fudzilla reports AMD Fusion availability gradually improving
  4. TC Magazine: NextComputing's Vigor EX rugged workstation laughs in the face of danger
  5. DailyTech: Samsung's 13" 9 series MacBook Air fighter coming today, 11" model in April
  6. DigiTimes reports Asus to launch $200 - $250 netbook in June
    and NAND flash contract prices rise in 1H March
  7. Fudzilla reports Asus takes GTX 550 Ti to 1015MHz
  8. PCWorld reports flat panel makers face shortages after Japanese quake
  9. TC Magazine: BenQ rolls out the EW2430 VA-LED widescreen monitor
  10. X-bit labs: Number of stereo-3D TV channels to surpass 100 mark by 2015 - research
  11. VR-Zone reports Gigabyte unveils M7800E laser mouse
  12. X-bit labs: General Electric develops new thermal material that could replace copper
  13. Win Zalman ZM-NSP100-W notebook speakers from Big Bruin's Facebook page
  14. NCIX has St. Patrick's Day deals
  15. Dealzon's deals: $50 coupon for 17.3” hp Envy 17 i7 2nd gen, $372 coupon for 15.6” Lenovo
    ThinkPad T510 i7 / Nvidia Optimus, $441 coupon for 12.1” Lenovo ThinkPad X201 i7, and
    $197 coupon for Yamaha TSX-140 desktop audio

  1. DigiTimes Insight: Japan earthquake has little impact on wireless communication industry
  2. Engadget: Sprint 'Project Leapfrog' rumors claim LTE network upgrade is underway
  3. X-bit labs reports Nokia admits risks with Windows Phone
    transition: may become unprofitable, lose market share
  4. Engadget: Nokia collects design patent for a tablet,
    evokes N8 aesthetics (Update: There's another one)
  5. C|Net: Tablets of highly effective people
  6. 9 to 5 Mac reports iPad 2 has been jailbroken, no word on release date
  7. Tablet Monsters have video: Wi-Fi only iPad 2 GPS navigation
  8. C|Net reports Apple opens iPad to iAds
  9. TC Magazine: Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xoom tablet set for March 27 release (in the U.S.)
  10. DisplayMate's Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4 LCD display shoot-out
  11. C|Net's site-loading speed battle 2: Motorola Xoom vs. Apple iPad 2
  12. Mail Online reports iPhone 4 smartphone antenna reception
    problems 'not solved by placing device in a plastic case'
  13. PCWorld reports RIM urges BlackBerry users to turn off JavaScript
  14. Engadget reports HTC Thunderbolt now available
    to buy
    : $250 from Verizon, $180 at Amazon
  15. TC Magazine: Motorola Droid 3 shows off 5-row keyboard in leaked shot
    and HTC Shooter smartphone exposed by GLBenchmark
  16. VR-Zone reports pictures of HTC Ignite, HTC Prime, and HTC Pyramid leaked
  17. Confirmed: Some web apps not seeing iOS 4.3 JavaScript speedup - Ars Technica
  18. Engadget reports Android 2.2 is now the dominant version
    of Google's OS with 61.3% of all active devices
  19. VR-Zone reports Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS with new Adobe Camera Pack announced
  20. Touch Arcade's 'Infinity Blade' comparison - iPad vs. iPad 2
  21. Business Insider: Rovio was going bankrupt when they released Angry Birds

  1. Softpedia has Ubuntu 11.10 release schedule
  2. Exploring IE: 2.3 million downloads of IE9 in the first 24 hours
  3. TC Magazine: Firefox 4.0 final set for March 22nd release
  4. LinuxDistroReview on Fedora 14
  5. HowtoForge on the perfect server - OpenSUSE 11.4 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3]
  6. Windows 8 Beta: Download Windows 8 'Aero Lite' theme for Windows 7

  1. Ars Technica: Judge gives Sony access to PS3 hacker's PayPal records
  2. Shacknews reports Square Enix looking into new Canadian studio
  3. C|Net reports NPD data on digital sales of games to go monthly
  4. VR-Zone reports Roxio launches Game Capture and PC Game Capture
  5. Shacknews reports Crytek plans indie-friendly CryEngine licensing
  6. PlayStation Blog: Crytek talks Crysis 2 PS3; multiplayer demo now available
  7. Joystiq: The Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition to have no DRM from
  8. Fudzilla reports Homefront price tumbles to $42
    and Homefront servers exceed expectations
  9. Ars Technica: Did Ubisoft pirate its own soundtrack for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC?
  10. Steam Guard now available to all
  11. Shacknews reports Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity v1.2 patch released
  12. Beyond3D's Q&A with Visceral's technical art director Doug Brooks on Dead Space 2
  13. Shacknews reviews Dragon Age 2 and previews Mortal Kombat
  14. Gaming Heaven reviews Bulletstorm (Xbox 360)
  15. Ars Technica on Don Bluth's sordid gaming history
Systems and storage

  1. Ask the experts at AnandTech: Virtualization & cloud computing questions answered
  2. AnandTech on Eurocom Racer: Why the Radeon HD 6970M rocks
  3. TechReviewSource on Acer Aspire D260-1270
  4. Expreview: Big competition among SATA 6Gbps ports
  5. Hardware Canucks review Asus P8P67 Pro
  6. TweakTown and TWL review ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional
  7. PureOC reviews Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3
  8. Phoronix on AMD Fusion E-350 Linux performance
  9. OverclockersHQ on LiteOn eNau608 external USB 8X slim DVD writer

  1. PC Perspective's Lucid Hydra performance preview on the AMD platform
  2. Benchmark Reviews and TweakTown review Sapphire Radeon HD 6990
  3. reviews PowerColor HD 6950 PCS++
  4. HotHardware's overclocked Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 cards roundup
  5. ThinkComputers reviews 20" LG Flatron E2050 LED WS LCD monitor
  6. Tweaknews on 58" Samsung PN58C8000 plasma TV
  7. Digital Trends on the death of the mouse: How eye-tracking technology could save the PC
  8. Madshrimps review SeelSeries WoW: Cataclysm MMO mouse & Qck Deathwing Edition pad
Power and cases

  1. CowcotLand tests 12 PSUs from 400W to 600W (in French)
  2. Legit Reviews on Enermax Hoplite case
  3. Neoseeker reviews Sentey Optimus Extreme case
  4. TweakPC reviews Xigmatek Asgard II case (in German)
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