Completed Firefox 4 to be released March 22

By now, you probably already know that Internet Explorer 9 beat Firefox 4 to the finish line. Microsoft released the latest version of its browser with great fanfare two days ago. The Mozilla folks aren't far behind, though. A posting in the mailing list reveals that they're aiming to roll out the full version of Firefox 4 on March 22.

Here are the dirty details, courtesy of Mozilla's Senior Director of Platform Engineering, Damon Sicore:

Today's triage session concluded with all systems go for a Firefox 4 launch on March 22nd. We will continue to have triage sessions on a daily basis to watch for major issues; however, at this point, we've concluded RC1 will become Firefox 4 final.

Fantastic job by everyone involved in this release. Amazing work!

In other words, there's a strong possibility that if you grabbed the first release candidate when it came out last week, you've already got the full version of Firefox 4. Congratulations, you're living in the future!

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