Nazis, dinosaurs collide in Dino D-Day multiplayer shooter

Sometimes, I get the feeling that modern games take themselves too seriously. While browsing Shacknews this morning, I noticed one that definitely doesn't: Dino D-Day. The game started as a mod for Half-Life 2 and will be released as a standalone title on April 8. You can pre-order it today on Steam for just $18, a 10% discount.

Like all too many other games, Dino D-Day offers multiplayer combat set in World War II. However, in addition to allies and Nazis, the game features dinosaurs—and they're armed to the teeth. The teaser trailer embedded above provides glimpses of gameplay, but it was posted all the way back in November of 2009. The footage shown might not be representative of how the final product looks and plays.

Fortunately, the developer has released a batch of fresh screenshots that look a little more polished. I've embedded them in the image gallery below along with some beautifully retro promo posters created for the game.

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