Asus AM3 boards gain Bulldozer support

If you stuck by AMD's side during the great Intel onslaught of 2010, when Core i7 processors savagely beat their Phenom II rivals, you might be in for a belated treat. Asus has announced that five of its current Socket AM3 motherboards will be able to accommodate AMD's upcoming 32-nm, Bulldozer-based chips after a simple BIOS update.

These final five motherboards, which are gearing up for a brave new world of (hopefully) faster AMD processors, are as follows:

Asus has wasted no time: BIOS updates for these boards are already out, it says, albeit in beta form. Since a little birdie tells us that Bulldozer-based desktop processors aren't due to ship until late June, you'd probably be best off waiting for Asus to roll out non-beta BIOSes with Socket AM3+ support.

Naturally, the company will also have fresh AM3+ motherboards ready to greet Bulldozer when it arrives. In the same announcement, Asus teases a family of 10 upcoming mobos, the M5A Series, which will feature out-of-the-box AM3+ support as well as AMD's 880G, 870, and 760G chipsets. (Thanks to TR reader xphaze for the tip.)

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