AMD's first Bulldozer CPUs may debut June 11

We'd already heard whispers about AMD's Bulldozer-based Zambezi processors starting to ship in the third week of June. Now, both Expreview and DonanimHaber have revealed a launch date: June 11. Expreview vaguely mentions confirmation, while DonanimHaber cites motherboard maker roadmaps as its source for the news.

DonanimHaber adds that the processors will be accompanied by new motherboards with 9-series chipsets. So, presumably, those Socket AM3+ Asus motherboards with existing 880G, 870, and 760G chipsets we talked about yesterday will be joined by fresher, more exciting models. Expreview echoes the details that came to light earlier this week, mentioning eight-, six-, and quad-core desktop processors with FX-8000, FX-6000, and FX-4000 model numbers, respectively.

Whatever the exact release date turns out to be, it looks like the debut of AMD's Bulldozer microarchitecture is drawing close. This will be AMD's real answer to Sandy Bridge—a brand-new, state-of-the-art microarchitecture implemented on 32-nm process technology. Be sure to check out our overview of the Bulldozer design for more details.

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