MacInTouch reviews G4 733MHz

MacInTouch reviews the Power Macintosh G4/733. Here is their overview.
Given the new PowerPC 7450 chip (with 256KB on-chip L2 cache), NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics card, 1MB of external Level 3 cache, and a 47 percent increase in base clock speed over the previous high-end - albeit multiprocessor - machine, we expected to see a little more oomph in our new $3500 Mac.

Other reports online - from Bare Feats's Rob Morgan and on Accelerate Your Mac - demonstrate instances where the new dual-processor 533MHz G4 is faster than the 733MHz model. Such results aren't surprising when running applications optimized for the 533MHz's dual PowerPC 7410 CPUs. What raises some concern is that Rob's tests also show a close performance delta between the 533MHz and 733MHz single-processor G4s (although we'd prefer to test the 533MHz model ourselves before passing further judgement).

What follows are the results of our initial testing on a G4/733, a G4/400 and a G4/500MP - and our subsequent impressions. We'll perform further tests, and add the results, and other data, where possible. (We also plan to publish an overall conclusion for the machine - with the SuperDrive.)

And we are off to the races. Bear in mind that the G4 Plus (Motorola PowerPC 7450) has a seven stage pipeline compared to the vanilla G4 (PowerPC 7400) which has a four stage pipeline. The benchmark comparison continues here.

Also, Apple has released Mac OS X "Gold Master" to manufacturing.

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