Prey 2 to feature new character, gameplay mechanics

Last week, we found out that Prey 2 is in development at Human Head Studios. Details are now starting to trickle about exactly what we can expect from the sci-fi shooter sequel. According to Joystiq, Prey 2 may not have too much in common with the original.

The site quotes the latest issue of Game Reactor, which reportedly reveals that Prey 2's main character will be a "sheriff and prison guard" named Killian Samuels, not the Native American Talon Brave from the first game. Also, Prey 2 will allegedly have Samuels doing some parkour in "chase scenes," and a gameplay mechanic called "shadow-sneaking" will be featured. (Hello stealth missions?)

Maybe it's the Mirror's Edge fanboy in me, but I'll enjoy seeing another first-person title take a crack at the whole parkour thing. I am a little surprised to hear that Human Head will be switching main characters and gameplay mechanics, especially considering it created the first game. Perhaps the studio is simply exercising greater creative freedom this time around. The original was, after all, the brainchild of 3D Realms.

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