Futuremark: PCMark 7 is coming soon

Breaking news in the benchmarking world. Futuremark has announced the incoming release of PCMark 7, the next major version of its popular PC benchmarking suite, revealing a few details along the way.

According to the Finnish benchmark developer turned game studio, PCMark 7 is designed for Windows 7 and includes seven separate tests. (Rumors about the software including a copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and coupons for seven 7-Eleven Big Gulps are unconfirmed.) The benchmark will, however, break up those seven tests into 20 different workloads covering "storage, computation, image and video manipulation, web browsing and gaming." Here's a rundown in Futuremark's words:

  • The PCMark Suite measures overall system performance and returns an official PCMark score.
  • The Lightweight Suite measures the capabilities of entry level systems unable to run the full PCMark suite.
  • The Entertainment Suite measures system performance in entertainment, media and gaming scenarios.
  • The Creativity Suite measures performance in typical creativity scenarios involving images and video.
  • The Productivity suite measures system performance scenarios using the Internet and office applications.
  • The Computation Suite contains workloads that isolate the computation performance of the system.
  • The Storage Suite contains workloads that isolate the performance of the PC’s storage system.

Some of the gaming tests will apparently require a DirectX 11 graphics card, although you'll only need a DX9 GPUs to obtain a PCMark 7 score.

Futuremark hasn't announced a release date or pricing for PCMark 7. For what it's worth, the current version, PCMark Vantage, is available both for free and in several paid editions with extra features. We'll keep you posted once more details come our way.

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