Bulldozer-based Opteron rig listed in benchmark database

Talk about an unusual leak. Phoronix reports that an AMD server partner (which shall remain nameless) has submitted benchmark results for a system running two AMD Interlagos engineering samples. Interlagos, as you might know, is AMD's next-generation server CPU based on the Bulldozer microarchitecture.

The results appeared on OpenBenchmarking.org, Phoronix's "open, collaborative testing platform." According to the benchmark listing, the test machine featured two "ZS182045TGG43_28" AMD engineering samples with 16 cores each, a Supermicro H8DGU Socket G34 motherboard, and 64GB of RAM. The listing reveals a 1.8GHz clock speed for the CPUs—not exactly a record-breaker, although we are talking about a 16-core design. We don't have a sense of the chip's thermal envelope, either.

As Phoronix points out, the OpenBenchmarking.org page shows a C-Ray test result of 25.97 seconds for the Interlagos test machine. Phoronix says that score compares favorably to numbers from other machines, like a Core i7-970 hexa-core build that took 61 seconds to complete the test. We'll probably get to see more numbers as these processors draw close to release. Last we heard, desktop Bulldozer implementations were due in June.

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