RIM's PlayBook slate to run Android apps... sort of

Well, this is interesting. RIM's PlayBook slate certainly has the potential to be a solid iPad competitor, but it appeared as though its fresh-faced operating system would face an uphill battle to match iOS's and Android's huge app libraries. Turns out RIM has found a solution—as InfoWorld reports, the PlayBook will run Android apps.

There are a few little catches, as one might expect. Android developers will need to "quickly and easily" port their apps to the PlayBook, after which those apps will have to be re-packaged, signed, and submitted to the BlackBerry App World. Once approved, the ported apps will be usable on the PlayBook via a special "app player."

The experience doesn't sound entirely transparent, at least according to InfoWorld's report. Provided Android developers play ball, though, this could be quite a boon to folks who grab the PlayBook shortly after its April 19 release. We'll just have to see how well ported apps behave on RIM's new tablet OS—and how excited developers are to support another platform in addition to iOS, vanilla Android, and WebOS.

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