Report: AMD's market share tumbled last year

AMD's slice of the worldwide microprocessor pie shrunk to just 11.4% last year, and Intel gobbled up 81%, according to IHS iSuppli numbers quoted by the folks at eWeek. These numbers cover all microprocessor types, so AMD's share would look a bit bigger if IHS iSuppli had zoomed in on x86 CPUs. Still, it doesn't look like the chipmaker's efforts to shake Intel's dominance were successful last year—eWeek points out that, in 2009, AMD's share of the global microprocessor market amounted to a little over 12%.

The quarterly market share numbers shows no signs of recent improvement to offset the overall drop for 2010, either:

  Q4 2009 Q3 2010 Q4 2010
Intel 81.0% 80.8% 81.5%
AMD 12.2% 11.4% 10.9%

Intel's share is slowly creeping up, while AMD's grasp appears to be very slowly loosening. Too bad the eWeek report doesn't include a breakdown of market share data for different market segments, like laptops, desktops, and servers, which would make it easier to see where AMD stumbled in 2010.

Certainly, though, 2011 promises to be a better year for the underdog. We've seen AMD's first Fusion processors show up in a number of very enticing netbooks and ultraportables, like HP's Pavilion dm1z, and AMD's Llano and Zambezi processors will shake things up in full-sized notebooks and desktops later this year. Intel's Sandy Bridge processors are formidable competitors, however.

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