USB-IF database tips SuperSpeed support for Llano chipsets

AMD's upcoming Llano APUs could have an ace up their sleeve—or a few USB 3.0 ports, anyway. SemiAccurate is reporting that two AMD Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH) have appeared in the USB-IF's database of certified SuperSpeed products. The database lists A75 and A70M FCHs otherwise labeled as Hudson-D3 and Hudson-M3. The former is said to be a desktop variant, while the latter will appear in notebooks.

According to SemiAccurate, AMD has been working with Renesas, the company behind the NEC USB 3.0 controllers found on oh so many motherboards. The chipset implementations will reportedly offer four SuperSpeed ports and could be based on similar logic to Renesas' µPD720201 standalone controller, which has the same port payload.

Neither AMD nor the USB-IF has issued press releases confirming the certification, but AMD hasn't announced the A75 and A70M products at all, so it's probably not ready to talk about their USB support. Nevertheless, it's encouraging to see SuperSpeed ports coming to AMD's next mainstream platform. We already know that the interface offers much better real-world performance with even cheap external hard drives, and native support in core-logic chipsets is long overdue.

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