Crysis 2 DX11 patch could be on the way

Could we see a patch that brings DirectX 11 graphics options to Crysis 2 sooner rather than later? Maybe so, judging by whispers emanating from Germany. A thread on the Crysis-HQ forums quotes an alleged Tweet from Crytek staffer Tiago Sousa, who reportedly stated:

Cooking some great DX11 tech bits for C2 fans, be patient guys. All I can say, is that we have 16 ms or more to have fun with pc hardware...

Problem is, no such message shows up in Sousa's Twitter feed right now. A separate thread on the MyCrysis forums suggests Sousa's posting was pulled, as were threads discussing DirectX 11 additions to Crysis 2. Interesting.

Those developments, by the way, come on the heels of a story by German site PC-Max that foretold the arrival of the DX11 patch on March 28—today. That story mentioned a statement by a Crysis employee in the forum. I'm not seeing a patch on the Crysis 2 website, however, and it's already bedtime in Germany where Crytek's headquarters are located. Perhaps we'll find out more later this week... or maybe there were some miscommunications within Crytek and the patch won't be out for a while yet.

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