Catalyst 11.3 drivers, new Catalyst 11.4 preview arrive

You didn't think AMD would forsake its tradition of monthly driver releases, did you? As March draws to a close, AMD has treated us to not just the expected Catalyst 11.3 release, but also a new Catalyst 11.4 preview driver rife with performance optimizations and other tweaks.

The stable, production-ready Catalyst 11.3 release can be downloaded from the usual place on AMD's Game website. Based on what the company tells us, there isn't much new hereā€”just "seamless GPU Compute support," shorthand for integration of the OpenCL runtime that was previously offered as an optional download.

The Catalyst 11.4 Early Preview driver is much more interesting. Some of you might recall that AMD released a Catalyst 11.4 beta earlier this month, too, but seeing as the download page lists today's date under "last updated," this must be a slightly newer version.

This latest pre-release driver includes support for "the AMD Radeon HD 6790 series of products" (which AMD hasn't announced yet), changes to the Catalyst Control Center, performance optimizations (which the firm already discussed a couple of weeks back), and miscellaneous bug fixes. I'm guessing folks who like to live on the bleeding edge will want to grab the 11.4 preview, while others will probably feel safer with the Catalyst 11.3 drivers.

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