Latest Battlefield 3 trailer has fist fighting, machine guns

I can't help watching those Battlefield 3 gameplay trailers with awe. First-person shooters set in present-day conflicts are hardly a new concept, but the more trailers come out, the more DICE's upcoming game looks like it will pull off a unique blend of atmosphere, visual fidelity, and realism. (It doesn't hurt that the title is being designed mainly for the PC, either.) Check out the latest trailer:

The hand-to-hand fighting with quick-time events looks like a nice touch, but clearly, DICE isn't afraid to dabble in large-scale skirmishes or to let the player go Rambo with a fully automatic machine gun. That's a nice change of pace from the first couple of trailers.

Speaking of which... in case you missed them, we posted the first real Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer here, and the second one, which shows a tense sniper fight, can be viewed here on Youtube. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the link.)

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