Poll: What's the world's fastest graphics card?

As you may have heard, there's somewhat of a controversy brewing over whether AMD or Nvidia has a legitimate claim to offering the "world's fastest graphics card." Both companies are fresh from launching new dual-GPU flagships in the Radeon HD 6990 and GeForce GTX 590. The Radeon is faster in some games, while the GeForce comes out on top in others. AMD clearly thinks it has this one in the bag, and the company has gone so far as to challenge Nvidia to prove that the GTX 590 is faster. While we await Nvidia's response, let's see if we can settle this little spat in the court of gerbil opinion. For this week's poll, we're asking you to pick the world's fastest graphics card.

In last week's poll, we asked which of the latest browsers you think is best. Firefox 4 came out ahead of the rest of the pack with 41% of the vote. Chrome 10 wasn't too far behind with 32%—more than double the 13% who think Internet Explorer 9 is the best browser out there. Surprisingly, Opera slotted into fourth place with 9% of the vote. Safari and other browsers only managed 1% each, while 4% still cling to the steaming pile that is IE 6.

Those results loosely line up with the browsers folks are actually using to read TR. Over the last month, 41% of readers have been on Firefox, 26% on Chrome, and 20% on Internet Explorer. I suspect those IE numbers are inflated by folks who are forced to use the browser while at work. Interestingly, we have more Safari users (7%) than Opera users (5%).

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