Report: Nvidia has a new GeForce GTX 560 on the way

Well, well, new graphics cards are sprouting like mushrooms lately. According to the folks at Expreview, Nvidia is prepping a new graphics card based on its GF114 graphics processor: the GeForce GTX 560.

Now, wait a minute. Didn't that card already come out in January? Actually, no. That was the GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Expreview claims the non-Ti version will dial back processing resources, clock speeds, and cost, with an asking price of €180 across the pond, down from about €190-220 for the Ti variant. (The GTX 560 Ti sells for at least $229 Stateside.)

The reduction in potency sounds equally tame. Expreview mentions a clock speed upward of 800MHz, 336 stream processors, and 56 textures per clock of filtering power, but the other specs will mirror those of the GTX 560 Ti (which, as you might recall, runs at 822MHz, has 384 SPs, and filters 64 textures/clock). We could find out more in April or May, which is when the site expects Nvidia to let this puppy loose upon the unsuspecting public.

If there's any truth to this story, then perhaps Nvidia is fixing to replace the GeForce GTX 460 1GB for good. That card currently lives on, sandwiched between the new GTX 550 Ti and the GTX 560 Ti, but it's based on an older GF104 chip that has been around since last summer.

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