Google adds motion-sensing technology to Gmail

Reading and replying to e-mails with your keyboard and mouse is so last century. Google has announced the addition of a new, Kinect-like motion-sensing technology to its e-mail client: Gmail Motion. Unlike the Xbox 360 controller, no new and expensive equipment is required—just your PC's webcam:

You can learn more by visiting the Gmail Motion page on Google's website. This is just the start, too... Google says it plans to add motion controls to Google Docs later this year. I, for one, am looking forward to waving my hands and flailing my arms to italicize text and enter data in spreadsheets.

Google has a long history of announcing such breakthrough new features in early April. Last year, we saw the debut of the Google Translate for Animals beta, and Google Docs was updated to let users upload anything into the cloud for the low price of 10 cents per kilogram.

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