Deal of the week: A GTX 460 1GB for $140, and some cheap(er) SSDs

We've got a mix of graphics and storage deals for you this week, starting with this particularly juicy bargain over at Newegg. Galaxy's GeForce GTX 460 1GB graphics card is available for just $139.99 after a mail-in rebate, making it cheaper than both AMD's Radeon HD 6850s (which start at $144.49 after rebates) and higher-clocked variants of the GeForce GTX 550 Ti.

As we found in our latest mid-range GPU review, the stock GTX 460 1GB is quite a bit faster than even souped-up GTX 550 Ti variants, and it keeps up with the Radeon HD 6850. This Galaxy card isn't stock-clocked, though: it features GPU and memory clock speeds of 700MHz and 924MHz, respectively, up from the default 675MHz/900MHz. We're usually not too fond of mail-in rebates, but this is too good a deal not to point out.

On the storage front, we see Newegg has OCZ's Vertex 2 solid-state drives on sale. The 120GB model can be nabbed for $199.99 with free shipping, while its 240GB big brother is $389.99 shipped. Not too shabby. NCIX offers similar (albeit slightly less juicy) deals up in Canada: $204.99 CAD for the 120GB Vertex 2 and $399.99 CAD for the 240GB model. Newegg does have a 120GB version of OCZ's latest Vertex 3 SSD listed, but that drive costs $300 and is currently out of stock.

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