Tweed Day Shortbread

The Starting Five

  1. Fudzilla reports Nvidia in trouble with investors
  2. NYT on the RSA hack: How they did it
  3. Mac Rumors: Apple releases 'We Believe' commercial for iPad 2
  4. AnandTech's look at triple-GPU performance and multi-GPU scaling, part 1
  5. ZDNet's first look: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) beta 1

Tweed Day

  1. PCMag: How to defeat Lizamoon in one easy step
Hardware news

  1. Engadget: Osborne 1 celebrates its 30th birthday,
    and that of the portable computing revolution
  2. Engadget reports Dell achieves AMD Fusion, announces Inspiron M102z notebook
  3. Mac Rumors: Next-generation iPod nano to add rear-facing camera?
  4. Engadget: Logitech rachets up the competition with M325 wireless mouse

  1. Happy birthday, iPad - TUAW
  2. Yahoo! News: AT&T turns off 4G on new Motorola and HTC phones
  3. Mac Rumors: Sony CEO confirms camera module
    production for Apple? 8MP camera on iPhone 5?
  4. Cablevision launches iPad app to watch TV at home
  5. Engadget: Zune HD finally gets an e-mail application, still waiting on a future
  6. Gamasutra: Angry Birds Rio attracts 10 million downloads in ten days
  7. Joystiq: Dungeon Defenders goes freemium on Android, gets optimized for iPad 2

  1. Neowin: Sudden closure of many Windows 8-based sites and twitter feeds;
    Microsoft not involved and Microsoft testing ribbon UI in Windows 8
  2. istartedsomething: Windows 8 Explorer teases file syncing and web sharing
  3. PCWorld: Can Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 win the browser wars?
  4. Computing on Demand: Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Desktop environment?
  5. Engadget: 3DxWare 10 lets 3D mice work in 2D apps,
    leaves your standard mosue feeling a bit flat (video)

  1. Shacknews has video games to be released this week
  2. 75% off The Potato Sack Pack (13 indie games) - sale at Steam

  1. TR alum Dustin Sklavos on Origin's Genesis: Flagship bling
  2. iXBT Labs review ECS P67H2-A2 (B3)
  3. TestFreaks review Patriot PBO Core media player
  4. t-break reviews SteelSeries Siberia V2 headphones
  5. Legit Reviews on Zalman ZM-F4 135mm fan
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