Max Payne 3 details emerge

Remember Max Payne? The third-person shooter is a hard game to forget, if not for the cheesy dialogue, then for the epic action sequences and effective use of slow-motion "bullet time." There was a sequel, too, and then a movie adaptation that was, well, pretty awful. Now, the franchise has a shot at redemption with a third chapter, about which Rock, Paper, Shotgun has shared a few details.

The third game is set in Brazil and promises non-linear gameplay rife with flashbacks that bridge the gap between the Max Payne from the first two games and what he's become—fat and balding, apparently. Other details are scarce, but the game will reportedly keep the comic book feel of the original titles. Bullet time is back, as well.

Although the first two Max Payne games were developed by Remedy, the third installment is being handled by Rockstar's Vancouver studio. Rockstar worked on the console ports for the previous two games in the series, so the latest release is at least in hands of folks who should be familiar with the franchise. There doesn't seem to be a release date attached to the game, but like its predecessors, Max Payne 3 is slated to be released for the PC in addition to consoles.

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