Crucial confirms m4 SSD pricing

When we reviewed Crucial's m4 a couple of weeks ago, the company had yet to finalize pricing for its new solid-state drive. Crucial has now confirmed suggested retail prices for three flavors: 512GB versions are slated to sell for an even grand, while 256GB and 128GB variants should set you back $500 and $250, respectively. Pricing has yet to be set for the 64GB model.

Interestingly, those prices closely match the cost of the m4's RealSSD C300 predecessor, which Newegg has listed at $255 for 128GB and $485 for 256GB. The m4 has faster sequential throughput than its forebear, but that comes at the expense of performance with random I/O.

Of course, the m4 isn't the only new SSD making its way onto the market. Intel's 320 Series SSD has already hit Newegg with a 120GB variant at $230. A 128GB version of OCZ's Vertex 3 is also listed at $300. Both are out of stock at the moment, although the Intel drive will supposedly be available starting Wednesday. There's no ETA for the Vertex, which looks to be the fastest of the next-gen SSDs based on the testing we've done thus far.

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