XBMC gets custom remote courtesy of Motorola

Who would have thought that a homebrew media player hacked onto the original Xbox way back in 2002 would flourish into what we now know as XBMC? The media player has long since shed compatibility with Microsoft's first console and is now available in a variety of formats. You can run it on Windows, OS X, and Linux, or even throw XBMC onto an Apple TV. There's also a Linux-based Live version that can be run entirely off a bootable CD or flash drive.

XBMC is already compatible with a wide range of PC remotes, but it's now getting a custom one of its own courtesy of Motorola. According to Tested, the Nyxboard Hybrid features a traditional remote on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other. An internal gyroscope is capable of determining which side of the remote is facing up; used effectively, this feature should eliminate unwanted button presses.

Although XBMC has always been available for free, the remote is not. Expect to pay $60 for the Hybrid when it starts shipping at the end of June. That's twice the cost of a cheap MCE remote with basic media playback controls. However, the Hybrid is still cheaper than the wireless keyboard I have hooked up to my home-theater PC—and quite a bit smaller, too

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