Seagate intros slim USB 3.0 external hard drive

External USB 3.0 enclosures are all well and good, but if you're after style more than value, then Seagate's new GoFlex Slim portable hard drive looks hard to beat.

You're looking at a USB 3.0-enabled, 2.5", 7200-RPM external hard drive that's only 9-mm thick—quite a feat, considering bare 2.5" internal drives tend to be as thick as 9.5 mm, and higher-capacity ones range up to 12.5 mm. This is no slim terabyte, though; Seagate only packs 320GB of storage capacity into it, and that's the only option it offers. That might make the $99 price tag a tad hard to swallow for the more budget-conscious among us.

Speaking of pricey, pretty-looking things, Seagate says it's going to offer a Mac version of the GoFlex Slim at Apple retail stores next month. The drive will feature the same capacity and price, but it will be formatted using Apple's HFS+ file system out of the box.

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