Poll: Where does Llano have the best chance against Sandy Bridge?

Earlier this week, AMD revealed that it has begun production shipments of 32-nm Llano APUs. This second wave of Fusion APUs combines integrated Radeon graphics with four Phenom-derived CPU cores. That sounds like a potent pairing, but Sandy Bridge looms large on desktop and in notebooks. For this week's poll, we're curious where you think Llano has the best shot at unseating its competition. Is Llano better equipped to make inroads in the mobile market, or will Sandy Bridge face more pressure on the desktop? You can vote below or in the middle column on our front page.

In last week's poll, we asked you to weigh in on the spat between AMD and Nvidia over which offers the world's fastest graphics card. The vast majority (78%) looked at the numbers and correctly realized that the Radeon HD 6990 is indeed faster than the GeForce GTX 590. 15% appear to be in denial about the GTX 590's lower frame rates, or maybe they're just really enamored with the fact that the card is quieter than the 6990. The remainder don't think either offering can lay rightful claim to the world's fastest crown. Yes, they remember BitBoys.

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