Release roundup: Motherboards and mobile graphics

This week in our look at miscellaneous product introductions, we've got news from Eurocom, Gigabyte, and Tyan:

  • Eurocom launches MXM 3.0 Radeon HD 6970M module. It's not everyday you see a notebook vendor offer the latest and greatest mobile GPUs outside of a pre-built system. Nevertheless, that seems to be what Eurocom is doing with AMD's new Radeon HD 6970M, which it has introduced as an MXM 3.0b module for "small form factor PCs, embedded workstations and notebooks." The 6970M is part of the new mobile GPU family AMD announced in January. It features 960 stream processors, 2GB of RAM, a 256-bit memory interface, and a 75W thermal envelope.

  • Gigabyte is first to market with AM3+ "black socket" motherboards. The folks at Gigabyte aren't waiting for AMD's Zambezi processors to cash in on the new platform. They've announced 16 new motherboards featuring Socket AM3+ support and "black" processor sockets. I won't list all 16 here (you can hit the link for more details), but they appear to be new revisions of existing boards. The lineup features 890FX, 890GX, 880G, 870, 770, and 760G chipsets with SB850 and SB710 south-bridge silicon, so there should be plenty of choices at various price points.

  • Tyan announces new "Sandy Bridge" server platforms. And now, a little something for the server guys. Tyan's new lineup of Sandy Bridge server gear includes the FM65-B5511 Micro Server, which supports as many as 18 Xeon processors; a pair of S5510-series single-socket, microATX motherboards; and four SS510-series motherboards with full-sized ATX form factors. The discrete boards are all based on Intel's C204 chipset. Tyan distributors should already be carrying the motherboards, while the FM65-B5511 server will become available later this quarter.

I'm not seeing the MXM Radeon HD 6970M listed on Eurocom's website yet. Users who upgrade should probably make sure their notebooks can handle a 75W mobile GPU, though.

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