Site posts shots of Llano CPU and socket

Production-ready Llano processors began to ship out only days ago, but engineering samples are still making the rounds. The guys at managed to get hold of one, alongside a motherboard with a matching socket, and they've posted photos of the goods for all to enjoy.

Judging by the included CPU-Z screenshot, the engineering sample was a quad-core model clocked at 2.4GHz with 1MB of L2 cache (presumably 256KB per core) and no L3 cache. The application reported a 0.396V core voltage, too, for what that's worth. Meanwhile, the photo of the FM1 socket and the back of the Llano chip reveal a design reminiscent of old Socket 754 offerings, which had a wealth of traditional pins with a tiny gap in the center. AMD apparently won't be switching to Intel-style land-grid arrays on the desktop just yet.'s gallery also includes purported shots of a Bulldozer-based CPU sample. That chip is meant to work in the same AM3 sockets as today's Athlon IIs and Phenom IIs, and the package has a similar-looking heatspreader, so there's nothing too exciting going on there. The heatspreader does say "© 2010 AMD," though, betraying the new architecture within. (Thanks to VR-Zone for the link.)

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