Report: Windows 7 overtakes XP in the States

Has Windows 7 eclipsed Windows XP's popularity at last? Yes, but only in the United States, according to numbers from web statistics firm StatCounter as quoted by PC World.

The StatCounter data reportedly suggest Windows 7's "average daily share" added up to 32.2% this month so far, while Windows XP slipped to just 30.7%—a first. Windows Vista was further behind with a 19.5% usage share, meanwhile, and Mac OS X accounted for an even smaller 14.8%. (I'd say that's a respectable piece of the pie considering Apple's boutique pricing, however.)

Global usage numbers paint a less rosy picture for Microsoft's latest operating system. PC World says StatCounter estimates Windows 7's worldwide usage share at 31.5%, well behind Windows XP's 46.8%. Numbers from rival analytics firm Net Applications are even less encouraging, pegging Windows 7's share at 24.2% and XP's at 54.4%.

We know over three quarters of TR readers have made the jump to Windows 7 already, and it's nice to see the U.S. and the rest of the world slowly follow in the same footsteps. Nevertheless, Windows XP is proving remarkably resilient for a nearly decade-old operating system whose first successor, Windows Vista, came out over four years ago.

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