New Rage trailer shows off weapons

id Software's long-awaited Rage post-apocalyptic shooter isn't due out until September 13, but we're getting a small taste of what to expect thanks to an appropriately titled weapons trailer. In addition to showcasing a handful of weapons from the game, the trailer shows off a number of different environments and enemies.

Apart from a boomerang-like Wingstick, there isn't anything terribly original about the weapons being showcased. However, the trailer doesn't reveal any of the weapon customization features that are reportedly a part of the game. It's unclear exactly what form those options will take, but it would be nice to have something similar to the weapon upgrade trees in Dead Space.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun laments the "murky reds, choking greens, salty greys" that permeate the trailer, and I have to admit that everything looks a little dirty and weathered. Rage does take place in a wasteland, though. As murky as the colors are, there at least appears to be a greater variety of them on display than we've seen from previous id titles.

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