Screenshots show alleged Windows 8 app store

You know what they say—good artists copy, great artists steal. Microsoft might be about to prolong its history of goodness and greatness by building an app store into Windows 8. How do we know? Well, ZDNet reports that screenshots of the store application have leaked out into the wild.

The shots depict an interface not unlike a cross-breed between Windows Media Player 12 and Apple's own Mac app store, which opened publicly on January 6 as an update to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. The name in the title bar—Windows App Store—also doesn't leave much to the imagination.

I'm not convinced we're looking at the real thing, though. The user interface doesn't look quite right for a Microsoft product, and opening the images in Photoshop reveals some funkiness in gradients and around text. Specifically, splashes of white inside and around letters that should be blending inside a darker color:

Of course, with app stores being all the rage these days, I'd be surprised if Windows 8 didn't include some type of platform for purchasing and installing third-party software. Perhaps it'll just end up looking a little different.

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