USB-IF announces SuperSpeed certification of AMD chipsets

In case the rumors weren't enough for you, the USB Implementers Forum has made it official: two upcoming AMD "Fusion controller hubs" have become the first chipsets to receive USB 3.0 certification. Those chipsets are the A75 and the A70M... and that's about all the announcement reveals about them.

The A75 and A70M will have built-in USB 3.0 support, of course. USB-IF says the certification "provides assurance to manufacturers and consumers that the SuperSpeed USB chipsets are interoperable and comply with the USB 3.0 specification." I'm sure the blue ports on motherboards and laptops will already be evidence enough, but that's good to know.

Based on last month's coverage by SemiAccurate, the A75 and A70M both bear the code-name Hudson and will accompany AMD's upcoming Llano accelerated processing units (you know, the ones that started shipping not long ago). The A75 will sit alongside desktop Llano variants, while the A70M will tag along with mobile ones, as the "M" in its model name suggests. AMD says we can expect to see the first Llano-based machines later this quarter.

Having built-in USB 3.0 support might translate into slightly cheaper motherboards, since board makers won't have to pony up the cash for third-party controller chips. More importantly, it could mean most or all Llano-based machines will feature USB 3.0 ports—perhaps even cheap notebooks. Intel, meanwhile, doesn't offer native USB 3.0 connectivity in its Sandy Bridge chipsets.

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