Microsoft shows IE10 running on x86, ARM

The Mozilla folks aren't the only ones trying to keep up with Chrome's frantic release schedule. Microsoft is hard at work on the next version of its browser, and it has already released the first Internet Explorer 10 platform preview. You can grab it now from the IE test drive website... or you can just check out the demo video below:

IE10 purportedly brings support for new standards, including CSS3 gradients and CSS3 flexible-box layouts.

If you don't find new web technologies all that titillating, there's more. After unveiling the platform preview at the MIX11 conference yesterday, Microsoft showed IE10 running on an ARM system:

Nvidia tells us the machine was based on one of its Tegra processor and ran a next-gen version of Windows. The demo can be seen in the MIX11 replay about 30 minutes in.

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