Poll: The future of pointing input methods

For a long time now, the mouse and touchpad have been the primary computer input devices for pointing and selection. True challengers have been few and far between, but a number of alternatives have the potential to make a big splash in the coming years. Even today, multitouch input is permeating touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. Consoles are doing interesting things with 3D cameras and motion controllers, and don't forget fancy brainwave-based systems like OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator.

Will the mouse/touchpad remain the dominant PC pointing/selection scheme in 10 years time, or will something else take its place? Let us know what you think by voting in in the poll below or in the middle column on the front page.

Last week, we asked you where AMD's upcoming Llano APU has the best shot against Sandy Bridge. Nearly a majority (48%) of those who voted suspect that AMD's best chance is in notebooks. Only 10% think Llano will be more of a challenge to Sandy Bridge on the desktop. However, 19% predict that this second wave of Fusion APUs will give Intel a run for its money on both platforms. Among the rest, 12% think Llano has no shot against Sandy Bridge, while 10% would sooner put their money on cheese.

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