Razer Switchblade to be commercialized in China

One of the most interesting items at this year's Consumer Electronics Show was undoubtedly the Razer Switchblade concept, a handheld gaming PC with a multi-touch display and a configurable OLED keyboard. Razer initially seemed uncertain of the device's future, but that uncertainty has faded: the firm now says it has partnered up with Intel and Tencent to release the Switchblade in China.

Tencent may not be a household name in North America, but according to a TechCrunch story published last year, it's the world's third-largest Internet company by market capitalization. Tencent's portfolio of Internet services encompasses online gaming, and it's apparently that arm of the company that will come into play here. Tencent titles including Dungeon and Fighter, Crossfire, League of Legends, QQ Speed, and "many more" will be available on the Switchblade once it arrives in China.

Tencent's Crossfire running on the Switchblade. Source: Razer.

Today's announcement echoes some of the information about the Switchblade we gleaned at CES, although it still doesn't reveal which graphics processor will power the device. Only the Intel Atom processor is mentioned. Razer did tell us the Switchblade would feature a discrete GPU—a sensible claim, considering the limited 3D graphics horsepower of Atom's integrated graphics component.

Perhaps we'll find out more soon. Razer, Intel, and Tencent say they "will be announcing exciting updates to this strategic partnership in the months to come."

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