Comcast rolls out 105Mbps service nationwide

Folks in Japan and South Korea might still be thumbing their noses at us, but Internet service is slowly getting faster here in North America. Just yesterday, Comcast announced that its 105Mbps service is now available to more than 40 million homes across the States.

Cities covered by the Comcast Extreme 105 tier include the "majority of Boston," Chicago, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and unnamed "others."

Comcast says the 105Mbps service uses DOCSIS 3.0 technology, so a cable modem and coaxial plugs are part of the program (no fiber to the home here). Still, that top download speed doesn't sound too shabby—it would work out to about 13.1MB/s on the transfer rate counter of your BitTorrent client... with which you'd be downloading Linux ISOs and public-domain works, of course. Comcast quotes a less-impressive top upload speed of 10 Mbps (or 1.3MB/s).

So, how much will this gargantuan amount of bandwidth set you back? Well, Comcast quotes a $105-a-month "introductory rate" for 12 months, but that's only for customers who subscribe as part of a triple-play offer. Presumably, you'll be asked to cough up more if you want the Internet service on its own. Comcast does chuck in a wireless router to sweeten the pot, though.

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