Deal of the week: 10% off Newegg goodies

For our deal post this week, we have not one star bargain but rather a multitude of them, thanks to Newegg's Tax Day sale. As part of the event, the e-tailer is letting users shave 10% off the price of a vast number of items, including all SSDs, all desktop memory, all Samsung LCD monitors, all Corsair PSUs, all CPU coolers, and many more. You just have to grab the corresponding coupon code on this page, make your selection, and enter the code on the checkout page. Voilà.

Here are a few examples. Intel's 80GB 320 Series solid-state drive normally costs $194.99, but you can get it for $175.49 before shipping with the coupon code EMCKFJE23. Kingston's 8GB DDR3-1333 memory kit can be nabbed for $77.39 shipped (down from $85.99) with the code EMCKFJE26, and Samsung's B2230 21.5" 1080p display is available for $134.99 before shipping instead of the standard $149.99 if you use the promo code EMCKFJE27. Not bad at all—and there are myriad more such deals to be had.

What about our friends north of the border? NCIX is also offering some bargains as part of its Screamin' Sale Event. One particularly tantalizing deal is Seagate's 2TB Barracuda Green hard drive, which can be purchased for only $69.99 CAD. That works out to an impressively low 3.5 cents per gigabyte.

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