Tegra 2 pops up in a couple of smartbooks

Ever heard of Malata? We hadn't either, but the Chinese electronics manufacturer is prepping a couple of notebook designs with Tegra 2 hardware under the hood. Liliputing has the goods on the 10" and 13" systems, which probably fall into the smartbook category.

The Malata PC-B1002 serves up 1024x600 pixels on a 10" display backed by 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, and a 2200 mAh battery. Upgrade to the 13.3" PC-B1301, and you'll get a 1280x800 display alongside a beefier 4400 mAh battery. Both models feature built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi and optional 3G connectivity. The systems are about an inch thick and weigh close to 2.5 lbs.

I can see appeal of smartbooks for folks looking for something with a smaller chassis and better battery life than typical netbooks. However, I'm not sure you're getting that here. The PC-B1301 boasts only six hours of battery life, which is less than we've squeezed from modern netbooks and ultraportables using demanding real-world tests. Malata's six-hour estimate is probably on the optimistic side, too.

At the moment, we don't know how much these smartbooks will cost or if they'll be available in North America. The systems are expected to be shown off at the Computex trade show in early June.

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