Completed Release 270 Nvidia drivers hit the web

Nvidia's graphics driver release schedule is still less disciplined and regular than AMD's. When new GeForce drivers do show up, however, they tend to pack a wallop. That's the case of the new Nvidia Release 270 drivers, which bring wide-ranging performance improvements, a handful of new features, and new 3D Vision profiles.

Many of these improvements actually premiered in the Release 270.51 beta drivers, which Nvidia discussed at length late last month. The key difference is that today's release is production-ready and has received Microsoft's nod of approval (also known as WHQL certification). Among the best-case-scenario performance improvements quoted by Nvidia are: frame rate hikes of 4-19% for GeForce GTX 560 Ti and 580 cards running in SLI mode, 3.6 to 6.2 times greater performance for GeForce owners playing Dragon Age II, and substantial increases with 3D Vision Surround setups powered by dual GeForce cards.

Also on the 3D Vision front, Nvidia says that the stereoscopic 3D technology now works when games are played in a window, and that profiles for current and upcoming games (including Duke Nukem Forever and Portal 2) have been added. On top of those additions, the Release 270 drivers feature new Nvidia Update functionality that—you guessed it—seeks out driver updates on its own. The update scheme can even be configured to serve up beta drivers.

You can grab the Release 270 WHQL drivers right here at Nvidia says corresponding Verde drivers for mobile GPUs are also available.

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