Prey 2 to feature open-world bounty hunting

You know, the more I hear about Prey 2, the more I get the feeling that the word "prey" will be the only thing in common between that game and its predecessor. We already knew that Human Head was going to change the gameplay mechanics, main character, and graphical style, killing the trademark portals and gravity puzzles in the process. Now, a short preview piece by Rock, Paper, Shotgun suggests Prey 2 may turn out more like the estranged, brooding love child of Blade Runner and Mass Effect than a plain-old, linear shooter sequel.

Reportedly, Prey 2's main character will be a former air marshal who was abducted by aliens and eventually found his way to the planet Exodus, where he started a new career as—get this—a bounty hunter. The "massively vertical sci-fi city" that will serve as the game's setting will feature multiple alien races cohabitating and participating in rampant crime, leaving plenty of opportunities for head-hunting contracts—and some of that free-running gameplay we've been promised.

Judging by the screenshots in the preview piece, I'm getting kind of an Anachronox vibe from the sci-fi cityscapes. There's also some Blade Runner thrown in, for sure, and the character designs look straight out of a Bioware RPG. That seems fitting, because Rock, Paper, Shotgun makes it pretty clear Prey 2 will have an open-world design with side quests. And you know what that means: plenty of dialogue with voice actors putting on funny alien accents.

Really, I wasn't very excited about the prospect of a Prey sequel, but Prey 2 is starting to sound pretty interesting. One is left to wonder why Human Head Studios didn't just change the name, too. Prey might be an established brand, but it wasn't a terribly good game.

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