NVIDIA's GeForce successor design complete

Now this is just plain scary. Buried in a press release for Avant!'s Star RCXT software is a mention from NVIDIA that they've just completed the design of the GeForce successor. Check it out:
``Star-RCXT is the tool that we have selected for parasitic extraction of our designs, and is a critical part of our analysis flow,'' said Joe Greco, director of VLSI engineering at NVIDIA Corporation. ``The designs that we do are cutting-edge, and market-leading. We require the highest precision extraction along with the ability to handle a very large capacity. We have just completed our next-generation follow-on to our award-winning GeForce 256(TM) GPU (more than 23 million transistors, 50 Gigaflop graphics processing unit). This new processor, enhanced in both features and performance, absolutely demanded the accuracy, capacity and efficiency delivered by Star-RCXT. The tool performed excellently and seamlessly fit into our timing flow.''
(Bold is mine.) Go ahead and plunk down 250 large ones for a GeForce DDR card if you must, but know that the thing was obsolete 'round about the time it hit the store shelves. (Of course, it will take some time for NVIDIA and its partners to bring the new chip to market.)

Props to the VE guys for catching this one. Quite a snag.

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