12.5-inch ThinkPad Edge, X220, X220T are available

Lenovo has unleashed a trifecta of ThinkPad laptops with unusual 12.5" display panels: the ThinkPad Edge E220s, the ThinkPad X220, and the convertible ThinkPad X220 Tablet. All three feature 1366x768 display resolutions and Sandy Bridge processors, and prices start at only $749 for the E220s and $849 for the X220. The convertible tablet is a bit more onerous, though, with pricing of $1,249 and up.

While the two X200 variants feature traditional ThinkPad garb, the Edge has a more interesting design. Just like the $699 14" model we wrote about last month, it features a a rubber-coated magnesium palm rest, a MacBook-like display bezel, a contoured chiclet keyboard, and a big, roomy clickpad nested below the TrackPoint buttons. The system weighs in at only 3.23 lbs and has a thickness of just 0.85", too, so it's sexy and slender.

The ThinkPad Edge E220s. Source: Lenovo.

The specs are a little pared-down for my liking, though. Lenovo outfits the base E220s with a 1.4GHz Core i5-2537M processor, 2GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, a 250GB 5,400-RPM hard drive, no Bluetooth, and a 43-Wh lithium-polymer battery. Lenovo provides no higher-capacity battery alternatives. The $849 ThinkPad X220 isn't really any meatier, though it does have a higher-clocked, power-hungrier processor, the 2.1GHz Core i3-2310M. The convertible tablet has more RAM and an apparently more capacious battery, but its specs are otherwise similar. (Thanks to Liliputing for the tip.)

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