Poll: Rawest tech deal?

Sometimes, life gives you a raw deal. Other times, the tech industry is the one handing out crappy cards. Crysis 2's $60 asking price is more than a little questionable given the game's reliance on DirectX 9. Portal 2 is a little more reasonably priced, although some may feel ripped off after pouring hours of their life into the GLaDOS@home ARG. Then there's that new 105Mbps Internet service... which comes with a 250GB monthly data cap. Is that worse than buying a P67 board, enduring the SATA bug, and learning that Z68 is due early? Surely, that's nothing compared to your iPhone telling your wife where you've been.

Which is the rawest deal of them all? Let us know by voting below or in the middle column on the front page.

Last week, we asked you to look ahead to the future of input devices. Which pointing device will reign supreme in a decade? The tried-and-true mouse and touchpad, according to 53% of you. 19% think that multitouch displays will dominate, followed by 14% who figure we'll be controlling everything with brain waves. Of those who voted, only 10% expect motion controllers will really catch on. The remaining 4% see some other form of pointing method rising above the rest.

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