Hercules 3D Prophet II 4500 Kyro II

The press release is here. RIVA Station has posted a preview of the Kyro II.
Everybody´s talking about NVIDIA and their revolutionary new GeForce 3 chip at the moment. But earnings are pretty low in this High-End Segment at the moment. The money is made in the mid-range Mainstream sector with GeForce 2 MX and RADEON VE. Only on thing´s imoportant here: Nice MHz and MB numbers and cheap prices. And now there´s a new competitor playing in that league: ST Micro´s new Direct 3D and OpenGL compatible Kyro II which comes with the new Hercules 3D Prophet 4500.

The Kyro II chip and the 64MB 128Bit SDRAM memory are clocked at 175MHz - almost GeForce 2 MX values. Only the RAMDAC seems to be a weak for higher resolutions with only 270MHz.

Take a closer look here.

Here are some screenshots and slides:

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