Apple posts record quarterly revenue, profit

I kind of wish Intel and Apple would cut it out... my fingers are getting tired of typing "billion" and "record quarter" over and over. They've done it again, though. Hot on Intel's heels, Apple has just announced both record revenue and record profit for its second fiscal quarter, which ended on March 26.

   Q2FY10 Q1FY11 Q2FY11
Revenue $13.50 billion $26.74 billion $24.67 billion
Net profit $3.07 billion $6 billion $5.99 billion
Gross margin 41.7% 38.5% 41.4%

I think Steve Jobs sums it up rather well in the press release: "With quarterly revenue growth of 83 percent and profit growth of 95 percent, we’re firing on all cylinders."

What about Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad shipments? Apple continues to provide sales numbers, giving us a glimpse at the shifting popularity of its gadgets.

   Q2FY10 Q1FY11 Q2FY11
Macs 2.94 million 4.13 million 3.76 million
iPods 10.89 million 19.45 million 9.02 million
iPhones 8.75 million 16.24 million 18.65 million
iPads - 7.33 million 4.69 million

Nothing all that new under the sun here. iPod sales are still inching down slowly, while Macs and iPhones are climbing. The iPad is still too new for a year-over-year comparison. I think it's remarkable that iPhone shipments were substantially higher last quarter than in the holiday quarter, especially considering the presence of many solid, capable competitors from the Android and Windows Phone 7 camps.

Looking forward to the ongoing quarter, Apple expects revenue to climb to $23 billion. That would be a 46% increase over the same quarter last year, or yet another record. I guess I'd better set up some macros...

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