Deal of the week: More cheap storage and a hot-clocked Radeon

Tomorrow is Good Friday, so we're getting an early start on our weekly deals post. Perhaps to celebrate Seagate's takeover of Samsung's hard drive business, the SpinPoint F3 1TB is on sale for $55 at Newegg. An Editor's Choice winner, the SpinPoint is our favorite 7,200-RPM hard drive and a staple of recent system guides.

This wouldn't be a deals post without an SSD discount, and Newegg obliges with a Vertex 2 120GB for $210. That's $60 in savings right off the bat, and a mail-in rebate can shave another $30 off the price. As is usually the case with Newegg, shipping is free for both drives.

NCIX doesn't offer free shipping, but the rates are reasonable for Canadians, who can also pick up items at various retail locations. As part of a larger Easter sale event, NCIX has knocked 50% off the price of Corsair's Builder 430W PSU, bringing it down to $30. The retailer has also discounted the XXX version of XFX's Radeon HD 6950 1GB, which has similar clocks to the card we reviewed earlier this week. You can buy the XXX card for $230 right now, and a mail-in rebate promises to send you a check for $30... eventually.

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