Easter Monday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. X-bit labs: AMD expects two 28mm tape-outs this quarter and
    Intel & hp may postpone Itanium roadmap update amid uncertainties - sources
  2. PCWorld on Mac vs. PC: Stereotypes confirmed
  3. Neowin shares rumor: iPhone 5 will have teardrop design
  4. AppleInsider: Apple begins shipping white iPhone 4s to stateside retail stores
    and leaked photos reveal purported Apple iPhone prototype on T-Mobile
  5. Mac Rumors: Apple including ultra high resolution
    artwork in Lion for possible Retina Displays?
  6. Neowin reports Windows 8 webcam application video surfaces
    and Windows 8 pattern login shown off on video
  7. Dedoimedo's Internet Explorer 10 preview
  8. X-bit labs test contemporary graphics cards in Crysis 2

Easter Monday

  1. Network World reports Amazon outage sparks frustration, doubts about cloud
  2. Wall Street beat: Tech sector off to strong start in Q1 - Computerworld
  3. TechFlash reports AT&T, T-Mobile file with FCC, Sprint fires back
    and has more on Amazon's cloud woes
  4. PCMag reports Kaspersky son reportedly released, safe
Hardware news

  1. Engadget reports Acer Aspire One Happy gets Easter egg colors, Atom N570 chip
    and Olympus still loving E-series DSLRs, but teases new Micro Four Thirds lenses
    to confuse you
  2. TechFlash reports new lens-free microscope yields 3D images on a chip
  3. Computerworld reports Asahi Glass to thin down touchscreen substrates
  4. Dealzon's deals: $300 coupon for 15.6” hp dv6z Select AMD, $200 coupon
    for 14.5” hp Envy 14 Beats $1149+, $124 coupon for AKG K 272 HD headphones,
    and $42 off Logitech Z623 speakers

  1. PCWorld reports iPhone tracking not news, not unique, and not ominous
  2. Network World: PlayBook's first day sales outdo Galaxy Tab & Xoom, analyst says
    and iPad 2 sales hurt by Q1 production shortages
  3. PCWorld: Survey shows users rule in smartphone picks, but IT has a big hand in tablets
  4. Engadget: T-Mobile G2x getting Gingerbread 'sooner
    than you'd expect
    ,' may not be a quad-band handset
  5. t-break shares BlackBerry PlayBook initial impressions

  1. Network World: Microsoft to relieve 'Excel hell' with web crawler for enterprise data
    and security startup gives PC shoulder surfers the cold shoulder
  2. PCWorld reports LibreOffice development on track after Oracle move
  3. Ubuntu Geek on running Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) Unity 3D on VirtualBox 4.x
  4. LinuxBSDos.com shows how to dual-boot Linux Mint Debian Edition and Windows 7
  5. Futurelooks’ guide to warming up to Tux and Ubuntu 10.10

  1. PCMag on Sony PSN: Still down on day 4, fix by Tuesday?
  2. PCWorld's eSports update: Enter the IGN pro league
    and watch for Catherine - she's high-maintenance
  3. PCMag reports Gearbox Software helps fan propose within "Borderlands" world
Systems, storage, and multimedia

  1. HT4U reviews Core i3-2120 (in German)
  2. Hexus.net reviews Asus P8P67 Pro
  3. Real World Labs on 3TB Hitachi DeskStar 7K3000
  4. Hardware Canucks have Radeon HD 6870 cards roundup:
    Diamond, PowerColor, MSI, Sapphire & XFX
  5. MegaTech Reviews on FyreTV BoXXX media player
  6. LanOC Reviews on Cooler Master Storm Spawn mouse
Cases and cooling

  1. Benchmark Reviews on Lian Li PC-AO4 case
  2. Techgage reviews Azza Toledo 301 case
  3. PureOC reviews Antec ISK 100 mini-ITX case
  4. Big Bruin reviews NZXT Sentry LXE fan controller
  5. TechReaction on Lamptron FC5 V2 fan controller
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