Nvidia's Optimus tech may be headed to the desktop

For years now, we've praised Nvidia's Optimus technology for helping endow notebooks with discrete GPUs without ruining battery life. Is Nvidia on the verge of bringing the technology to the desktop? Yes, says VR-Zone, which has a purportedly leaked PowerPoint slide to prove it.

The slide, entitled "Desktop Optimus Details," says the technology will support Intel's H61, H67, and Z68 chipsets, won't require special versions of discrete graphics cards, and will allow motherboard makers to implement it using a software "key." That sounds a whole lot like Nvidia's current SLI licensing scheme, although the slide says motherboard makers won't have to cough up licensing fees to support Optimus.

Otherwise, VR-Zone says desktop Optimus will work much like the mobile implementation, relying on integrated graphics to handle menial tasks like rendering the Windows desktop, and seamlessly switching over to the discrete GPU when more horsepower is needed. Battery life won't come into play there, of course, but users may welcome lower idle noise levels and power consumption.

Word is that Nvidia will officially unveil the desktop-flavored Optimus at the Computex trade show in Taiwan in early June. We'll be on the scene, so stay tuned.

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